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Valerie Perri Can’t Ask For Anything More

March 2nd, 2016

Valerie Perri performing in Closer That Ever. Photo Credit: Tracey Roman

Closer Than Ever opened three weeks ago at International City Theatre. Response has been fantastic, and many comments have been made about the cast and their beautiful voices. We checked in with veteran actress and Closer Than Ever cast member Valerie Perri to ask her some questions about the show. She was sweet enough to oblige.

1. As someone who has worked at ICT before, how has your experience been this time?

Equally outstanding and professional! Also, ICT continues to produce the most interesting and challenging plays and musicals, which ultimately makes the experience very satisfying to perform.

2. What do you hope audiences take from Closer Than Ever?

We walk through many doors in our lifetime. There is always a new experience and challenge that presents itself over each threshold. Enjoy it! Don’t let fear ever stop you from the journey that is YOURS and awaits behind each and every door you open!

3. Which song is your favorite to perform and why?

I guess if I had to choose one it would be “Life Story.”  I enjoy the simplicity of sitting on a stool, and having a heart to heart with the audience. It’s the journey of a divorced woman who’s had to raise her son alone, accepting the challenges and the sometimes regret she’s felt along the way, but, ultimately her choices and experiences have made her a stronger person, today.

4. Close Than Ever addresses a lot of different life experiences that every person goes through at some point in their life. Which song in the show touches you the most?

“Patterns” was a difficult song for me during the rehearsal process as I remembered the early days of raising my twins when there was a certain daily schedule to follow and so much of the “sameness” that it was so easy to personally lose a sense of myself in the day to day minutia. It’s frightening how narrow your world can become in those formative years. I felt it was so important to be present for my children and subsequently took time off from my career to make it all about them. Today, as an actress, it’s nice to have a memory bank that holds that information so I can tap the feelings necessary to illuminate the story I am telling.

5. If your life was a musical, what would it be called?

“The Exquisite Beauty of a Well-Balanced Life”

It took a lot of work along the way, and like all of us, I’ve had my share of bumps, bruises and disappointments. Yet today,  I enjoy good health and being happily married. I take great pleasure and pride in our two magnificent sons,  a beautiful home filled with music and harmony, and I continue to pursue my artistic life by performing in plays, musicals, symphony concerts, television and film. Who could ask for anything more?

For more information or to purchase tickets to Closer Than Ever: please visit or call 562.436.4610.

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